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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our association.

The South Jersey Soccer Officials Association Needs New Referees
For The Upcoming High School Season

Please contact recruit@sjsoa.net for more information.


It is important to understand that NJSIAA-certification for HS matches is different from USSF-certification to officiate youth soccer matches.  If you have no soccer officiating experience, we recommend getting your USSF certification and experience prior to applying to SJSOA to work HS matches.  For information on becoming a USSF official, go to NJREFS.COM and click on the "Becoming a Referee" tab.

NJSIAA certification is a two-year process, starting with classroom training sessions and a field clinic to prepare for your first season. Throughout your first and second seasons you will work sub-varsity HS matches (freshman and JV), gaining experience in officiating and implementing the dual (two-person) officiating system. During this time you will be evaluated on your knowledge and application of the rules, field mechanics, interaction with players and coaches and overall game management. Assuming you pass your evaluations, after the second season you would be eligible to sit for the NJSIAA Varsity exam, usually administered in late November.

Registration - Cost for registration is $125, which covers training costs, registration with NJSIAA, liability insurance coverage, and $40 towards your first year game fee assessments. 

Pay – High school matches are played weekdays in September and October and start between 3:30 and 4 PM. Sub-varsity (freshman and junior varsity) games will pay $56/game and Varsity pays $79/game this year. We are assessed a fee for assignor/association costs at a rate of 3%/year, which is billed after the season ends.

Uniforms –The NJSIAA has mandated a change in uniform for high school referees.  We will now wear shirts produced and sold by a NJSIAA sponsor, Cliff Keen.  Those shirts are available online at -http://allsportsofficials-cknap.com/55-shirts - and some may be available for sale through our Chapter Store at your training session.  While this means referees cannot “double up” and use either USSF or NISOA shirts for high school games, the good news is that the chosen color will allow referees to no longer need alternate uniforms (one a short and long sleeve).  Along with the designated shirts, we wear black soccer referee shorts, black soccer socks with 3 stripes, and black shoes (mostly black, just not bright red or green).  Our association has Official Sports products available for purchase at a discount, and will have a representative at each training class to discuss. 

Training Sessions - SJSOA will be conducting training sessions this summer in preparation for the upcoming Fall 2016 soccer season.  You need to attend the classroom training session and participate in a mandatory fitness test and field clinic in August in order to receive assignments. You need only attend one classroom training weekend, or the other:

Session 1 – June 25-26

Session 2 – July 30-31


Mandatory fitness test - (held at Eastern High School, in Voorhees) – only need to attend one or the other:

July 24th – 900am

August 17th – 700pm

How to Apply - An Application for Cadet Program form can be obtained by contacting  Marc Block at recruit@sjsoa.net